Day One – Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The first day of the workshop participants will attend the GEN Conference, where they will listen to variety speakers. 

7.30am: Participants will have a working breakfast at the Institute’s office (Level 2, 5 Cable St). They will then be briefed on the purpose of the Workshop by Wendy McGuinness and assigned working groups

8.15am: Participants will walk to Te Papa for the GEN Conference which starts at 8.45 (see the full programme of the conference)

8.45am: GEN conference registration and welcome

9.00am: Speaker: John Fitzgerald

10.30am: Morning Tea

11.00am: Speaker: Anthony Scott

12.30pm: Lunch

1.30pm: Panel Discussion

3.30pm: Afternoon Tea

5.00pm: Closing remarks

5.10pm: Participants walk to the McGuinness Institute office

5.15pm: John Fitzgerald (Research Professor at the Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin, Ireland) will talk about his career followed by Q&A

6.00-7.00pm: Pizza followed by cake and fruit

7.00-7.20pm: Wendy McGuinness Speaks to participants

7.20pm: Carwyn Jones will talk to participants about conflict resolution

7.35-7.50pm: Ryan Gallagher will talk on design and effective communication of their ideas

7.50-9.00pm: Group work. They will meet in groups to discuss how they will work together to prepare (i) the three case studies and the resulting policy knot (the problem) and (ii) prepare their definition of how they would define higher living standards in the year 2058 (this date is arbitrary but aligns with our futures project)

9.00pm: Participants will leave for their accommodation

Day Two – Wednesday, 4 December 2013

This day will be modelled on the Harvard Business School mini case studies. Complex issues, in the form of ‘policy knots’, will be given to the groups and in an allocated time frame they will apply their living standards framework to find a solution. Participants will present their findings to a group (speakers, staff and other interested parties) who will stress test their reflections.

6.30 am: Breakfast at Gourmet Stay for all those staying in accommodation organised by the Institute

7.45am: Participants will be collected by two shuttles and taken to Treasury

8.15am: All participants meet at the Treasury, at reception on level 5 (Level 5, 1 the Terrace)

8.30am: Introduction and group work on higher living standards. Wendy will explain the case study methodology

8.45am: Living Standards Framework in Action: A Brief Example  presented by Joey Au from Treasury

9.15am: Morning Tea

9.30am: Case Study 1: Natural Capital – Marlborough Sounds

Treasury speaker: Tim Saunders

Guest speaker: George Elkington

Guest speaker: Joena Elkington

Participants work through Case Study 1 and speakers hot seat

12.00pm: Lunch

12.30pm: Case Study 2: Physical Capital – Housing

Treasury speaker: Craig Renney

Guest speaker: Wayne Silver

2.00pm: Participants continue to work through Case Study 2 and speakers hot seat

3.00pm: Afternoon Tea

3.30pm: Case Study 3: Human Capital – Growing Talent

Treasury speaker: Margaret Galt

Guest speaker: Dr Kathie Irwin

Guest speaker: Warren Owen

Participants work through Case Study 3 and speakers hot seat

6.00pm: Plenary session – develop plan of action for the following day and discussion with designers.

6.30pm: Leave Treasury and walk to restaurant

7.00pm: Workshop dinner at Flying Burrito Brothers, Corner of Cuba and Vivian Streets

8.20 – 8.30pm: Participants walk back to McGuinness Institute office

8.30 – 9.30pm: Workshop session – A discussion with the designers

9.00pm: Day finishes, participants head home

Day Three – Thursday, 5 December 2013

This is the final day which aims to draw out key ideas, thoughts and reflections.

6.30am: Breakfast at Gourmet Stay for all the sixteen participants staying at either Gourmet Stay or the CQ Hotel

8.00am: Participants will be collected by two shuttles and taken to Treasury

8.15am: All participants to meet at Treasury at level 5, 1 the Terrace

8.30am: The participants will spend the morning at the Treasury offices, preparing and refining their presentations

10.00am: Morning tea

10.15am: Participants continue preparing and refining their presentations

11.00am: Participants will have their ideas stress-tested by the Treasury panel

12.00pm: Group photograph at Treasury followed by lunch

12.40pm: Participants walk back to the McGuinness Institute office

1.10-3.00pm: Participants to break into two groups. One group will prepare their case studies and reflections into an eight page booklet. One group will prepare for the evening presentation

2.30pm: Afternoon tea

3.00pm: Continue preparing for the presentation

5.30pm: Participants present their document to the public at the McGuinness Institute office (Level 2, 5 Cable St)

6.00pm: McGuinness Institute Christmas drinks begin

7.00pm:  Workshop comes to a close