All resources listed below were provided in hard copy for each table at the workshop.

1.   Post Workshop resources – 2014

Workshop Paper

2.   Workshop resources – December 2013

Case Study 1                        Case Study 2
CaseStudy-2_LivingStandardsNZ_2013        CaseStudy-2_LivingStandardsNZ_2013

Case Study 3                        Glossary
CaseStudy-3_LivingStandardsNZ_2013        Glossary-LivingStandardsNZ_2013

Thoughts for the day
December 3 – Excerpt from Plato’s the Republic
December 4 – Excerpt from The Signal and the Noise
December 4Excerpt from The Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report, 1958 (pp. 7-15)
December 5 – Excerpt from Thinking fast and slow
December 6 – Excerpt from Antifragile

Working Paper 2013/04
Living the Good Life – Defining ‘living standards, by Diana Tam

Q&A with John Fitzgerald, 3 December 2013

3.   Pre-Workshop resources – November 2013

There are many conceptual frameworks used by central government to analyse policy issues. Most of the LivingStandardsNZ workshop will focus on the Treasury’s Higher Living Standards Framework. However, we have provided two additional frameworks as we believe these will be a useful resource for broader discussions on living standards in New Zealand. We have also included a few international examples to enable a more global discussion.

Key: Compulsory reading: ***, Recommended reading: **, Optional reading: *

a.)  The Treasury
The Treasury has published the Living Standards Framework, which identifies five key considerations for policy advice: economic growth, managing risks, sustainability for the future, social infrastructure, and increasing equity. In choosing these five focus areas, the Treasury is moving the discussion from wealth in terms of dollars to wealth in terms of lifestyle. We recommend you make yourself familiar with all the documents on this page, and in particular the following:

1. May 2011 *** – Working Towards Higher Living Standards for New Zealanders (55 pages)
2. *** Living Standards: The Heart Of Our Policy Advice (1 page)
3. June 2012 *** – Improving the Living Standards of New Zealanders: Moving from a Framework to Implementation – Conference Paper (24 pages) Also see the slides **

b.)  Ministry for the Environment
The Natural Resources Sector (NRS) is headed by the Chief Executives of seven agencies who act as a leadership team for natural resources policy work in central government. In August 2013 a Natural Resources Framework was published which aims to improve analysis and advice on natural resource issues.

4. August 2013 **  – Natural Resources Framework: Guidance for Users (54 pages)
5. August 2013 * – The Natural Resources Framework (6 page poster)
6. August 2013 * – Natural Resources Framework: An Introduction (8 pages)

c.)  Ministry of Social Development
The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) Living Standards Framework is a non-income based framework used to analyse the material wellbeing of New Zealanders.

7. December 2009 **  – Working Paper 01/09: Non-income measures of material wellbeing and hardship: First results from the 2008 New Zealand Living Standards Survey, with international comparisons Background and Key Findings (4 pages)
8. December 2009 * – Working Paper 01/09: Non-income measures of material wellbeing and hardship: First results from the 2008 New Zealand Living Standards Survey, with international comparisons Full Report (76 pages)
9. December 2009 – Non-income measures of material well-being and hardship:first results from the 2008 New Zealand Living Standards Survey,with international comparisons: Background and key findings (4 pages)

d.)  Statistics New Zealand
Statistics New Zealand provide population projections of four broad ethnic populations of New Zealand: ‘European or Other (including New Zealander)’, Maori, Asian and Pacific. The population projections are produced to assist planning and policy-making and provide information on the changing characteristics and distributions of our population.

9. April 2010 *** – National Ethnic Population Projections: 2006(base) –2026 update (29 pages)

e.)  McGuinness Institute
10. 2011 ***  – Working Paper 2011/20: Foresight in New Zealand (15 pages) Prepared by Wendy McGuinness for the International Conference on Strategic Foresight in National Government, held in Seoul on December 6–8, 2011